5 Videos on Homebrewing Techniques

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Homebrew Con brings together some of the best minds in the homebrewing and beer communities to talk about all things beer. Various beer making techniques and the ways to apply them in the homebrewer are among the most popular talks each year.

Browse through a selection of five homebrewing techinque-themed videos from past Homebrew Cons.

Lager Brewing Techniques: Fermentation Decoction Mashing, and Hopping

Ashleigh Carter (Bierstadt Lagerhaus) is joined by Bob Hall (BJCP Master Judge) and Jess Brown (Chainline Brewing Company). Join the trio as they discuss the rationale and approaches for different lager brewing methods and how they can be easily applied in the homebrewer.

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MĆ©thode Traditionelle: Brewing in the Champagne Method

Annie Johnson is an accomplished lager homebrewer. In fact, one of her lagers earned her the title of the National Homebrew Competition’s Homebrewer of the Year in 2013. Follow along with Annie as she explores the magnificent symbiosis between beer brewing and sparkling wine production.

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Gluten-free Homebrewing: Against the (Traditional) Grain

Dive into the world of gluten-free beer with Karen Hertz (brewer and founder of Holidaily Brewing Company) and Twila Soles (founder of Grouse Malt Houe). Find out about gluten-free ingredient options, malting techniques on gluten-free grains, homebrew recipe development, and expectations for finished beer.

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Trouble-free Tart Beers: ALternative Souring Methods

Mary Izett–author of Speed Brewing and cohost of podcast Fuhmentaboudit!–shows how to make complex, tart beers in a fraction of the time while minimizing cross-contaminating your equipment. By combining the techniques of blending, kettle souring, and alternative ingredients, homebrewers can produce a number of sour beer styles at home.

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Use of Dry Yeast for Fermentation and Bottle Conditioning

Jennifer Helber has quite the resume. She is a microbiologist at the National Grain Center in Kansas City, worked in the QA lab at Boulevard Brewing Co. from 1999-2008, and owned a homebrew shop. In this video, Jennifer talks about the advantages of dry yeast and it’s utility in bottle conditioning (carbonating) homebrew.

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