Alex Plommer’s Gadgetry

Alex Plommer of London, Ontario (that’s Canada for the geographically challenged) has kindly posted pictures of his brewing apparatus and various toys on the AHA forum.  Not just a repository of good advice and homebrew bonhomie, the AHA Forum is a great way to show off your engineering skills.  Show us your stuff and our selection committee will use our proprietary rating system to determine whose system we feature.  Actually, if it looks cool and you include some commentary, we’d love to share your gift with homebrewers the world over.  Alex is a testament to the homebrewer’s ingenuity – in particular check out the hop plug maker and the 1 gallon keg.  Very cool, Alex!

Where the magic happens…a 30 gallon hot liquor tank, a 45 gallon mash tun, a 30 gallon kettle, and two 15 gallon converted kegs.  Alex1

This combination grist hopper, mash stirrer helps Alex avoid back strain and dough balls when mixing his mash.  The electric stirrer provides a nice, steady seven RPM while the sliding panel at the bottom of the hopper helps control the rate of grist release.

Alex put together this dryer to process the hops he grows.  Alex3
A two-ton jack, some nylon disks, a length of PVC, and some tinkering yield a hop plug making device-thingy.  Alex acknowledges that the two-ton press is a bit excessive, but he makes do with what he has.  This is a neat way to compress his stock of homegrown hops before vacuum packing and freezing.    Alex4
Alex bought this 1 gallon mini keg from a restaurant equipment salvage yard.  In its former life, this little beauty held vanilla extract for an ice cream machine.  The glass growler provides some scale, although it would appear to have spent some time as an apple cider jug. Alex5
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