Juice & Strain: Cider Making Made Easy

By Duncan Bryant, American Homebrewers Association

As a homebrewer, if you’ve found yourself with a surplus of homegrown apples, chances are you’ve considered fermenting your own cider. Cider making resources generally introduce the pulp and press technique for extracting juiceā€”a process involving equipment used to grind up raw apples and press the resulting pulp for juice.

For many aspiring cider makers, the cumbersome and pricey equipment is enough to declare defeat, but Nevin Stewart would advise you otherwise.

“My method is going to revolutionize small scale, clear apple juice making,” declares Stewart.

Where there are Apples, there are Surplus Apples

Over the years, Stewart saw his neighbor hauling bushels of apples from a backyard tree to the compost pile, although a better option than the garbage, he knew they could be used in a better way. In 2011, with an …

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