How to Make Beer at Home That You’ll Actually Want to Drink

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By the American Homebrewers Association

If you’re not familiar with homebrewing, you might have a “making beer in the bathtub” scene in your imagination as the only reference point. There might even be an old-timey feller stirring the contents with a broomstick.

Rest assured, most of us homebrewers are using normal kitchen gear. We’re also usually in a kitchen, backyard, or garage… not the bathroom.

Making Beer is Easy

Making beer in your house—whether 1 gallon (that’s about a 6 pack) or 10—is deceptively easy. It’s like any other culinary endeavor: get familiar with the process, grab your ingredients, and give it a shot.

Now that you’re ready to brew, tune in to our video below where we walk through the entire homebrewing process, from gathering the gear to opening your first bottle for a taste.