Let’s Make Beer Together (Virtually!)

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Brew days and keg tappings are usually times to have friends over and celebrate. We’re still making beer—and, yes, tapping kegs—but COVID19 has made the gathering part tricky.

Luckily, we live in a near-Jetsons age when it comes to instant video communication. These tools have given the beer community alternative ways to stay engaged with each other.

Homebrewers are streaming their brew days on Instagram and Facebook, local clubs are hosting their monthly meetings on Zoom, and events are shifting from conference centers to virtual experiences.

Go Virtual

Next time you’re about to mash in, get some virtual faces to join in. Everyone is looking for distractions while stuck at home, and not many have seen the beer-making process!

Better yet, get some friends to all brew at the same time. In a few weeks, coordinate a virtual tasting where you responsibly exchange bottles ahead of time.

And if you feel like going it solo like a lot of others, you can always follow along with our homebrewing video tutorial.