Mead Recipes

Medium-Sweet-MeadTraditional Dry Mead

Honey, water and yeast: that’s all you need to make traditional dry mead! This recipe makes for a mead with pleasant honey qualities, reserved alcohol character and that finishes quite dry. Follow along step-by-step with the mead making tutorial.

Super-Berry-MelomelSuper Berry Melomel

Super Berry Melomel is chock full of fruit additions, making for a deliciously tart and sweet fruit mead. This recipe includes specific instructions for staggered nutrient additions, which will encourage quicker and healthier fermentation.

"Sweetness-of-the-Holy-Fire Sweetness of the Holy Fire

Sweetness of the Holy Fire is one unique mead! Using lime juice and chili extract, this open category mead has a wonderful balance of sweetness from the honey, acidity from the citrus and heat from the chilies.

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