Social Distancing Bingo: Make Your Own Beer

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Golden Goblet Gruit Ale

By the American Homebrewers Association

You watched Tiger King, made sourdough bread, and attended a virtual birthday party. What’s left on your Social Distancing Bingo card?

Make your own beer!

People around the world are turning their kitchens into a home brewery, making delicious IPAs, stouts, fruit beers, and more without leaving the house.

How to Make Beer

Making beer involves two main steps: brewing and fermenting.

During the brewing process, ingredients like hops and malt are combined to create the basis for your beer. Different styles of beer require different ingredients. For example, a stout may incorporate more dark-colored malts and fewer hops, while pale ales may be chock-full-of hops with only light-colored malts.

Fermentation is the process of taking this brewday concoction and turning it into alcohol. To do this, yeast is added which converts the fermentable sugars into alcohol. In just a few weeks, we have beer!

To learn how to make beer the easiest and cheapest way, visit the American Homebrewers Association’s Easy Guide to Making Beer.