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Stuck at home? Make beer!

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By the American Homebrewers Association

We’re weeks into a quarantine. Epic amounts of Netflix have been clocked. Countless facetime gatherings have been attended. Miles of feeds have been scrolled.

While these are no doubt crucial components to staying sane these days, it’s also important to step away from the screens and spend time on activities that exercise your creativity and focus.

Over one million people make beer in the United States, and more are discovering the past time as a fun (and delicious) way to pass the time.

Kickin’ it in the Kitchen

People are turning to their kitchens as places of sanctuary and learning while social distancing.

Culinary endeavors take time and patience—both of which seem to be in abundance right now—while coming with the bonus of a delicious reward for your efforts.

Many folks are pursuing breadmaking as a challenging and intriguing project. Beer, sometimes called “liquid bread,” also comes with a degree of challenge that makes the first sip of homebrew that much better.

Styles for Miles

Did you know there are more than 100 beer style categories in the Great American Beer Festival competition? And it doesn’t end there. Each category has sub-styles and variations!

The possibility of beer styles is only capped at the limits of the imagination. Hops, grains, yeast, and water make up the basis of (most) beer. Additional ingredients—fruits, herbs, spices, etc.—allow the brewer to create flavor experiences that you might not even find at a taproom.

But as with breadmaking, first-timers aren’t typically coming up with their own recipes. Browse our collection of tried and true beer recipes to get inspired by the possibilities. Might we suggest starting with the always-popular Easy Amber Ale?

Time to Make Beer

Ready to make your first batch of beer? Follow our step-by-step homebrewing tutorial below and get ready for your first brew day!