This Beer Recipe is Simple but Delicious

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By the American Homebrewers Association

Malt + Hops + Yeast + Water = Beer

It’s that simple. These four basic ingredients come together to make countless classic beer styles–from light hoppy ale to dark roasty stout.

Luckily, the beer brewing process is easily done in the kitchen using mostly common cookware. All you need is the perfect beer recipe!

The best place to start is our Easy Amber Ale.

Easy Amber Ale

How to homebrew

This amber ale recipe is perfect for an easy brew day. Using both specialty grains and extracts, Easy Amber Ale makes for a deliciously malty beer with a prominent hop character.

Whether this is your first brew day or you’re a seasoned brewer, Easy Amber Ale will have you begging for another sip.

Starting Simple

Follow along with the American Homebrewers Association’s Easy Guide to Making Beer to set yourself up for success.

Learn how to make beer from gathering the ingredients to pouring your first glass.

In just 12 minutes you’ll learn how to make 3 gallons (32 12-ounce bottles, woohoo!) of beer right in your house!

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