Carvin Wilson

The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association.

* * *

While I’m an avid beer brewer, my primary objective if elected to the committee is to help spread the gospel of mead. I feel this segment is under represented on the committee and I’m hoping that my presence helps bridge the gap to the mead community. I’m a mead advocate, admirer of mead, passionate beekeeper, collector of honey, lover of yeast, friend of technology and mead maker. I’m very proud of being able to support small startups and help home members while serving as one of the moderators of the Modern Mead Makers group on Facebook. After being badgered out of my Hobbit hole in the last few years, I accumulated over one hundred awards for mead making to include five AHA first round places, four Best of Shows (BOS) and five Mazer Cups. I’m very proud husband to Robin Wilson, grandfather, father, and successful business owner with a portfolio consisting of several technology companies. Additionally, I’m very proud of having over eighty varieties of honeys, accumulating hundreds of gallons from all over the world.

Finally, I’m a huge support of my local home brew club, the Arizona Society of Homebrewers; where I currently serve as President, the BJCP, AHA, AMMA and the Mazer Cup International. Thank you for you considering!

#SKAL, #MeadOn, #IsItMeadYouAreLookingFor?

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