Colin Burton

The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association.

* * *

My homebrewing journey started in 2009 after taking a trip with my wife to visit my family in England. While there we drank some excellent malt-forward English styles, and I knew I needed to find a way to get that delicious malty beer in my life. Living in San Diego at the time, great IPAs were everywhere but low-hopped session ales were nearly impossible to find, so I started brewing them that summer with a friend. Homebrewing appeals to my nature in so many ways: I’m a tinkerer and I build new pieces of equipment whenever I can find an excuse; I really enjoy the creative process of designing and tweaking recipes; I harbour a deep and unyielding curiosity for all things scientific; most of all I love to get together with my fellow homebrewers and share the fruits of our labour.

In my experience, the social aspect of homebrewing has been the most important. It began with one friend and has resulted in many; I have made meaningful and lasting connections through the homebrew community where I live and around the globe. When I moved to Michigan in 2014 I joined the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild – a club that welcomed me with open arms. Since joining I have contributed to the club through organising activities, maintaining club momentum, and helping to familiarise new members with our club. Engaging current and new brewers alike is where I want to help the the AHA the most. My experience with the AABG would translate well and extend to the larger scale of our national homebrew organisation. This would provide an ideal opportunity for me to help enrich our hobby through serving on the AHA Governing Committee.

Another major area of interest of mine is the science of homebrewing. My background in microbiology provides me with a deeper understanding of the many scientific facets of brewing, and I’m inspired by the budding homegrown scientist movement in the brewing world (shout out to Milk the Funk!). I want to share this with the larger community. One of my objectives as a Governing Committee member would be to broaden accessibility to and facilitate understanding of scientific concepts as they relate to brewing beer, cider, and mead.

It would be an honour and a privilege to represent you as a member of the AHA Governing Committee. Thanks for your consideration!

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