David Dyson


The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).

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I am submitting myself to become a member of AHA’s Governing Committee.  I live in N. Conway, NH and look to become more involved with brewing as a way to improve the end product.  My desire is to learn as much as possible to explore both the ingredients and the technique involved in home brewing and how to improve those looking to learn, how to utilize them.  As an organization dedicated in the art of home brewing, I would like to grow in the community and work with like-minded people to make this passion easier for both novices and experienced brewers alike.

I’m an individual who has been involved with clubs, groups and committees for most of my adult life.  Currently, I am the president of our local homebrew club (IBU) and Rotary.  In the past I have been senior warden and vestry member at All Saints Episcopal Church in MA.  Seeking ways to better things through collaboration and ideas. Working with others to find ways to improve what we have and make our efforts rewarding for those we represent.  I am also president and founder of a charity to help better the lives of orphans and widows in India.

If accepted as a committee member, I would be honored to bring my talents, knowledge and enthusiasm to AHA.  I noticed that their is no-one on the committee from the New England area.  With the different areas of the country exploring and experiencing home brewing in some unique and interesting ways, I would bring my experience and knowledge of the areas demographics and how best to reach out to them to become either new member of AHA or more involved.

To better myself in the world of home brewing, I am constantly trying to learn as much as possible to improve my craft.  I have attended HomeBrewCon, a week long workshop offered by Charlie Papazian at Whitehead Light House in ME, run classes and forums through IBU, participate in homebrew competitions, network through other brewers and read books and publications (including Zymurgy).

Finding ways to help others enjoy brewing beer along with other libations, would be interesting, fun and rewarding in a group setting.  It would be an honor and privilege to serve alongside those that want the same.