Denny Conn

The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association.

* * *

I started homebrewing in 1997, thanks to a Christmas gift from my wife.  Since then, I’ve brewed over 535 batches of beer, cider, and wine.  Soon after beginning to brew, I discovered there was a wealth of information, not to mention a great community of brewers on the Internet.  I’ve spent much time learning and educating others in online forums including the AHA website, Homebrew Digest, and many more.

I served on the Governing Committee from 2006-2018, including as chair of the Web Subcommittee.  In that position, I initiated the creation of the AHA discussion forum and supported the AHA’s transition to a new website.

As a member of the Cascade Brewers Society of Eugene, Oregon, I served six years as Tech Tsar, organizing club brew sessions, and technical meetings as well as set-up and maintenance of our club website. I organized our club’s Big Brew and Learn to Homebrew events for 15 years.

I have presented numerous seminars at the National Homebrew Conference and at national and international conferences including in Brazil, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. As a BJCP National judge, I’ve judged the final round of the National Homebrew Competition several times, and am honored to have been part of the fine team of people who grade BJCP exams.  I have written countless articles for brewing magazines, and acted as tech advisor and editor for articles written by other writers.

As a writer, I contributed to the book “Craft Beer for the Homebrewer,” and along with Drew Beechum co-authored “Experimental Homebrewing,” “Homebrew All-Stars” and the upcoming “Simple Homebrewing.”  Together we produce “Experimental Brewing” and “The Brew Files” podcasts.

My Rye IPA recipe is regarded as an Internet classic, having been brewed by Rogue for their 15th Anniversary series, Olfabrikken Brewery in Denmark, hundreds of homebrewers as a Big Brew recipe — and as the commemorative beer for the 2012 National Homebrew Conference.

I’m the only homebrewer with a strain of brewing yeast named after him — Wyeast 1450 “Denny’s Favorite 50”.  My proudest accomplishment is helping countless people discover the joys of all-grain brewing through my “Cheap’n’Easy” brewing techniques and equipment.  It’s a pleasure and an honor to hear from someone who has just completed their first all-grain batch with the C&E system. Learning from and helping others is the absolute BEST part of homebrewing!

If I’m elected to the Governing Committee, my goal is to take all the information I receive from homebrewers to ensure that the AHA understands what the homebrewing community needs, and help the AHA implement solutions.  I look forward to being involved in the AHA Discussion forum  redesign to better serve our members.  The AHA IS its members — I want to ensure your point of view is well-represented.  We may not agree on everything, but your voice matters.  I hope you’ll vote for me and give me a chance to represent you.

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