Doug Piper

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The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association.

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Like yourselves, I’m continually amazed at homebrewing’s myriad of facets, cooking, science, art, and of course, delicious beer. If elected; I will encourage new AHA initiatives for online programing to encourage others to begin exploring homebrewing. I will also look for new ways to provide continuing education for experienced members. Gary Glass says “homebrewing is truely the greatest hobby that there is” but new AHA initiatives may be needed to reverse the hobby’s recent negative trends. My expertise in live streaming and media production could be quite useful to the Governing Committee’s knowledgable members.

I enjoy exploring homebrewing best practices and sharing them on online webinars, forums, and FB Study Groups. My webinars are lead by subject-matter-experts including John Mallett, John Palmer, John Blichmann, Stan Hieronymous and many more.  Check them out at I also moderate several new Facebook Private Groups including:

  • BJCP 101 Study Group
  • BJCP 201 Study Group
  • BJCP Mead Study Group
  • BJCP Cider Study Group

I contribute photography, video, and judging to Brew Your Own  (BYO) Magazine, and both the NC & SC Craft Brewers Guilds. I’m a proud member of Asheville, NC’s MALT Homebrew Club who’s members are amazing brewers and phenomenal speakers.

Compared to many of you, I am a relatively new homebrewer as my 40-year career in computers and aerospace interfered with hobbies. But, 15-patents later, I’m now focusing my innovation on beer and brewing. I regularly brew, judge and attend beer courses to grow my skills. I’m a Certified Cicerone, Certified BJCP Beer & Mead Judge and I’m studying for Cider, National and Advanced Cicerone exams.

If chosen to represent you on the AHA Governing Committee, I will seek your AHA priorities and ensure your ideas are heard. Please vote for me and lets work together to continue to shape the future of the AHA and earn your membership.

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