Greg Burt

The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association.

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Greetings, fellow homebrewers! If you would like to have an avid homebrewer, who has an interest in working to expand the hobby and to help develop homebrew laws that make sense, be one of your representatives on the AHA Governing Committee then I’d appreciate getting your vote in this year’s election.

In college I was a board member on the Ski Club at UMass, and in my adult life I was a member of the Conservation Commission in Plainville, MA when I lived there. Getting more deeply involved in whatever community I have been a part of is something I enjoy, and I also like being a part of a team where the goal is to listen to different opinions and help make decisions that are going to have a positive effect on the whole group. If I am elected I want to help continue the AHA’s effort towards providing educational resources for homebrewers and making homebrewing easily accessible for anyone who has an interest in making their own beer. Also, I want to work with local, state, and national policy makers in an effort to get common sense homebrewing laws enacted. In most places there tend to be few laws specific to homebrewing, which creates unnecessary confusion, including simple things like storage, transportation, and even shipping and dropping off bottles for competitions.

As for my brewing interest, I began brewing at home in 2010 with a Mr. Beer Kit. I quickly graduated to extract brewing kits and I have have been brewing all grain and developing my own recipes for the past five years. A little over a year ago I came up with the concept / design and provided quality assurance for an iOS app called Homebrew Timer, which is a brewing specific timer app that reminds you when to add ingredients throughout the boil portion of your brew day. My mother, a retired software programmer, took care of the coding for me.

I try to learn about brewing as much as I can through podcasts, books, forums, and pretty much anywhere else I can find information about the craft online and beyond. The AHA has been a great resource for building my brewing knowledge since I started brewing. I have entered competitions for the past three years and have a couple of ribbons and a medal decorating my living room wall thanks to the availability of brewing advice I have discovered since I first started brewing at home.

I would be honored to represent you as a member of the AHA Governing Committee and give back to this community that has helped make my brewing easier, tastier, and more fun.


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