Malcolm Frazer

Malcolm Frazer

The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association.


After being introduced to beer, brewing, and the appreciation of its history circa 1996 while staying with an uncle one summer before joining the United States Navy, I was hooked. A year later, a roommate told me he had made beer with his father, and we should try it. Double hooked. While THAT beer left something to be desired, the journey had begun. 23 years later, I have joyfully spent an appreciable amount of my time as a beer, brewing, and all-around sensory proselytizer.

The hobby evolved beyond just brewing. I became involved in local Home Brewing Clubs and competitions. While progressing through the BJCP ranks to National, I assisted in training fellow my brewers with their brewing journey and holding classes for prospective judges. I also served as an assistant to Gordon Strong for two years as a BJCP area representative.

I love learning for my own enjoyment, but I am also passionate about sharing what I have learned from others. I began writing and contributing to multiple online forums, editing books, providing technical assistance to local breweries, and beer and brewing education even became a career. I spent about 2 years on a team that provided education, sales, marketing support, and innovation while at MillerCoors and Terrapin. I was recently at Fat Head’s Brewing in Cleveland, Ohio, in a multifaceted role that included acting as a Brewery Manager and Quality and Sensory Lead. I am currently the Brewing Lead at Hop Farm Brewing in Pittsburgh, PA.

As a United States Military Service member and as a labor trade union representative, my experience has provided me with a sense of working for something bigger than myself and serving others. I have a background working in local government and would love to become involved with AHA’s political pursuits to continue advancing the interest of Home Brewers. Further, I have a strong passion for diversity-based outreach as I see that as more inclusive and a way to expand the hobby that so many of us love.