Marco Yanez


The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).

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The depth and breadth of my experience combined with my leadership skills and personal attributes furnish me to be an influential Board Member.

Experience.  I have experience with diverse roles and activities. I am a strategic thinker, an effective advocate, and a proven problem-solver with an ability to assess and address critical issues in the short and long-term context.

Leadership Skills.  Good leadership comes from good decisions communicated well. It requires the ability to listen as well as to negotiate and explain. I have comprehensive leadership experience and a trusted, highly valued network that enables me to consult widely and gain diverse perspectives to inform my understanding and approach.

Personal Attributes.  I am hardworking and fully prepared to invest the time needed to contribute valuables to the Board and the organization more broadly. I continue to be filled with energy and enthusiasm American Home Brewers Association vision, and I will be privileged to mentor many of our emerging leaders. I am committed to ensuring AHA is global, diverse, contemporary, and participatory

Marco Yanez