Marcus Routon


The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).

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Fellow AHA Members:

Cheers to you all and I hope these words on a page find you well. I’m asking for your consideration in our AHA Governing Committee. I’m sure that you’ve read a few of these by now and you’re waiting on one to jump out at you, and while I hope mine does the trick, I also wish you all well while you take on this task.

Now to the fun part. A little backstory, or grain bill if you will. I’ve been homebrewing since 2013 here in the great state of Alabama. I brew at least once a month all while sitting as President of 256 Brewers in Huntsville, AL. As a cofounder of the group, my goal is to keep our group active and informed on the greatest hobby in the world. When founded in 2017, we agreed that part of our bylaws needed to include being an active AHA member. Not only does this help keep a finger on the pulse nationally, but it’s a small way to ensure we give back to the association that is the heart of our amazing hobby.

Part of being President of 256 Brewers is keeping things fun, but it also includes listening to your people. We have a wide range of demographics, ages, and skill levels within our group. It’s great to have conversations on what can keep them engaged and hungry to learn when it comes to this hobby. Over the years we have developed a Beer Draft that would put most Fantasy Football Players to shame, we participate in annual holiday givebacks to the community, and battle for our Club Championship Belt each month. Being a member of this club has been one of my greatest joys as a homebrewer.

Time to mash out. Over my almost 10 years as a homebrewer I have been blessed to participate in some really great events revolving around beer. From Rocket City Brewfest, to Scott Mackenzie Homebrew Fest, to most recently The Hoppy Possum, I love sharing the good news on brewing beer at home. There’s nothing like meeting someone for the first time, sharing a common bond in beer, and giving them the reassurance that they can do this too!

The heart of my passion for this hobby comes from the people. Sure the science is fascinating and the beer doesn’t turn out half bad, but it sure would be a lot less fun if we didn’t have someone to share it with. Between the Big Brew Days, the Learn to Homebrew Days, and the random conversations started over the AHA logo, you just can’t replace the people in this hobby.

Now let’s ferment. I’m asking for your vote as I would love to see more representation of the homebrewers in the southeast. I would love to dive in, get my hands dirty, and help in any way I can to spread this wonderful hobby.

Cheers! Now go have a beer.

Marcus Routon

Huntsville, AL