Melissa McCann


The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).

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Beer was introduced to me at a very young age when my uncle started educating me on the nuances of what he considered good beer.  I started doing “quality control” on my own once I was old enough to buy my own.  Then, in 2010 a dear friend introduced me to the local beer community at the first Sacramento Beer Week in California.  I was so taken by the amazing sense of community among the people involved that I was immediately committed to being a part of it.

After that first event, I started volunteering at as many events as I could, including homebrew judging events where I could learn more.  It became apparent very early that I had a pretty good palate.  With the encouragement of the judging community, I became a BJCP Certified judge, and a proud AHA member.

Leadership and organizing events were the next step.  After many opportunities as Head Steward and Co-Chair of local homebrew comps, I took over as Director of the Queen of Beer, an all-female homebrew competition that has been around more than 25 years.  The competition grew under my team’s leadership and became a national competition on a greater scale.  Then COVID brought the comp to a standstill.  I wasn’t happy knowing that women all over the US were home creating amazing beers with no comps to enter.  The Women’s International Beer Summit was born.  The goal of the Women’s Summit is to provide content that inspires, empowers, and most of all educates both the home crafter and the professional in the fermentation industry.  As Founder and Executive Director of the event, I am SO proud of our team and the event we created.  2022 is looking like an even bigger success!

My homebrewing skills are growing, and I enjoy brewing with friends, but my greatest skills are in bringing people together through organized events.  With that skill, I would be able to help create events for AHA members that would provide educational opportunities that would strengthen the AHA and promote the art and science of homebrewing, as well as keep members informed of the latest trends and current issues.  I would be honored to serve on the Governing Committee and to represent AHA members. Thank you!