Steve Schember

The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association.

* * *

I’ve been homebrewing for over twenty years (buy me enough beer and I’ll tell you exactly how much over). After winning a medal in my first competition 10 years ago I decided that BJCP judges must be a sage lot and I sat for the judging test with about two weeks of prep . Eventually I got tired of being a “recognized” judge and I hooked up with a BJCP study group hosted by the Boston Wort Processors club . They were nice enough to open up the sessions to someone from outside of the club. Five years later I am a Certified judge ,  going into my third term as club President and we are still studying together every week. I am super excited to be hosting a NHC Round 1 in Boston with the Worts (we won’t let you down John !). Moral of my story : you can brew, judge and drink  on your own ,  but all of those are more fun and have more opportunity for growth when you work with a team . I’d be honored to join the AHA governance team  voicing your concerns and helping to realize our visions for the future of the AHA and homebrewing.



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