Tom LaPeurta


The following statement was prepared by the candidate, and the views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).

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* * *

I am nominating myself for a position on the AHA governing committee.  When I first saw that you were trying to fill these roles, I thought to myself, why would they want me on this board?  I started home brewing a year ago, I donā€™t have enough experience to even be considered.   After some reflection, I realized that I am exactly the type of person you need on this committee.  I started visiting breweries, started expanding my palate for beer and then started making my own.   I made the jump from casual drinker to brewing in my kitchen.  I am the target market for your organization.  I made the leap and I can help get others into it as well.  I have a lot to learn but I am a very fast learner.  I have also moved beyond homebrew and have started down the path of opening my own brewery one day.  I wrote a business plan and financial statement and I am now moving into trying to fund it.  

I currently work for the US Army as a program manager working on Artificial Intelligence development projects.  I lead teams, build software labs and I also brew beer.  I have learned how to manage people, without authority.   I know how to coordinate groups of people to achieve a common goal and to rally them behind great concepts.  Iā€™m hoping you will give me, a newbie, that opportunity.