2013 Governing Committee Election Results

Seven candidates ran for two available openings in the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) 2013 Governing Committee Elections.

The AHA and AHA Governing Committee are pleased to announce that Fred Bonjour and Justin Crossley were chosen to fill the available seats as representatives for the AHA community. Both Bonjour and Crossley were up for re-election, with their previous Governing Committee terms coming to a conclusion this summer.

The AHA is confident Bonjour and Crossley will continue to be assets to the Governing Committee for the greater good of the AHA.

Thank you to all the candidates who ran in this year’s election, and especially to the AHA members who voted.

About the AHA Governing Committee

The AHA Governing Committee is an advisory committee to the AHA Staff and Brewers Association Board of Directors. The members of the AHA Governing Committee are elected by the members of the AHA. The AHA Governing Committee is charged with shaping the policy and activities on behalf of the AHA. The AHA Governing Committee also appoints two Governing Committee members as designates to the Brewers Association Board of Directors.

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