2017 Homebrew Con Seminars Now Available Online

AHA Members can now access all of the 2017 Homebrew Con seminars.

Covering a variety topics for all levels of beer, cider and mead makers, these 48 unique seminars will bring your knowledge of homebrewing and beer appreciation to the next level. As an added bonus, this year we filmed all of the seminars along with the slideshow presentations so you can easily follow along with the speaker from the comfort of your home.

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2017 Homebrew Con Seminars List

Achieving the Flavor Profile You Want from the Microorganisms in Your Homebrew Dr. Douglas Gladue
Against the Grain: Wood Aging and Barrel Alternatives Matthew Del Fiacco
Becoming a Better Beer Judge Amanda Burkemper
Beer Blending Tips and Techniques Aaron Hyde
Beer Oxidation: Chemistry, Sensory Evaluation, and Prevention Robert Hall, Andy Mitchell
Bitterness and the IBU: What’s It All About? Dr. Patricia Aron
Bochet Mead: The Art and Science of Caramelizing Honey Matthew Weide
Brewing and Enjoying Smoked Beer Larry Reuter
Brewing Berliner Weisse: Moving Beyond Kettle Souring Jace Marti
Brewing Dreams: Stories about Going Pro Beverly Armstrong, Jennifer Glanville, Chris Spinnelli, Tim Thomssen
Brewing When You Have No Time (Getting More out of Your Limited Brewing Time) Sachin “Chino” Darji
Building Great Homebrew Clubs Martin Brungard, Jason Randall, Ron Minkoff, Drew Beechum
Common Beer Off Flavors and Fixes Pat Fahey, Amaey Mundkur
Compound Interest: The Essentials of Essential Oils Stan Hieronymus, Matt McCarroll
Czech Plz! What I Learned Brewing with the Czech Masters Annie Johnson
Designing Beer Recipes Dr. Brad Smith
Dry Hopping Effectively Blaze Ruud
Embrace Your Inner Nerd: Simple Steps to Setting up a Home Lab Zachary Taggart
Evaluate Your Beer Like a Master Judge Gordon Strong
Exploring Fruit Ciders Chris Smith
Fermenting All of It! Filling the Table with Home Fermented Goodness John Wilson, Brian Wolf
From Hairbrained Idea to Medal Winner Scot Schaar
Going Pro: Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Turn Your Hobby into a Business Ryan Krill
Hardcore Mild Adam Stine
Hold My Beer and Watch Me Science! Drew Beechum, Denny Conn, Malcolm Frazer, Marshall Schott
Homebrew Disrupts American Beer: A Live Interview with Charlie Papazian Tom Dalldorf, Charlie Papazian, Chip Walton
Homebrew Worldwide: An International Panel Brian Condron, Gaston Rivera, Peter Symons, Chip Walton, Lai I Jie & Miguel Loza
Ice Cider Jeremy Olsen
In It to Win It: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Competing Your Way to Better Beer Derrick Flippin, Dexter Garner
Kinda Brown, Mostly Sexy: A Semiautobiographical Account of the Actual History and Brewing of Porters and Stouts Kris England
Lager Yeast Strain Selection for Style, Flavor, and Aroma Kevin Lane
Lagers to Lambic: Hard Stuff the Easy Way Derek Springer, Brian Hall
Liquid Time Capsules Dr. Patrick McGovern, Ken Schramm
Maintaining Quality after the Brew Day Warren Haskell
Mastering Mead Thomas Eibner, Steve Fletty, Steve Piatz, Curt Stock, Matthew Weide
My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard: Brewing New England IPAs Brian Hall, Malcolm Frazer
Oaking Levels in Traditional Mead Susan Ruud
Origins and Evolution of Australian Sparkling Ale Peter Symons
Pairing Beer: How Does Your Palate Approach, Taste, and Pair Beer? Adam Dulye
pH in the Home Brewery Tasty McDole
Recipe Development with Dangerous Man John Leingang, Alxndr Jones, Rob Miller
 Saluting the Ancient Purveyors and Preservers of Beer! Brewing on the Borders of Greek and Roman Dominion Travis Rupp
The Big Mo: Molasses Beer, America’s Forgotten Beer Style Frank Clark
The Critical and Often Overlooked Spec: Final Gravity Brennan Greene
The Dinosaur in My Beer: 250 Million Years of Homebrewing History Dr. Andrew Farke
The Relationship Between Base Malt Flavor Preference and Beer Flavor Preference: Does Base Malt Flavor Matter? Cassandra Liscomb
Use of Dry Yeast for Fermentation and Bottle Conditioning Jennifer Helber
Using Trees in Unsual Ways to Create Unique Flavor Profiles Marika Josephson, Aaron Kleidon
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