New Scoresheets for Competition

In 2017, the American Homebrewers Association’s Governing Committee Competition Subcommitee reviewed and revised the checklist scoresheet used in previous competitions for beer and reorganized the scoresheets for mead and cider.┬áThe 2018 National Homebrew Competition will use these new scoresheets for beer, mead, and cider in place of the checklist scoresheets.

As an entrant or volunteer, please familiarize yourself with these new scoresheets. The AHA will provide a detailed overview of the new scoresheets prior to 2018 First Round judging, and the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) will release a video in the near future.

The new scoresheets will allow judges to provide clearer feedback to entrants in a more efficient format.

Highlights of Major Changes

  • Scales for Aroma, Appearance, Flavor and Mouthfeel reduce the time you spend writing out intensity levels (e.g. medium-low hop aroma or medium-high malt flavor)
  • Freeform spaces accept descriptive language to complement the intensity levels you mark. For example, you might write “wheat, subtle grainy notes” next to a sacle that indicates medium high malt flavor.
  • “Inappropriate” check boxes let you quickly note when you sense something that shouldn’t be there.
  • “None” check boxes help you indicate when a characteristic isn’t present.
  • A “Flaws for Style” section makes it easy to indicate intensity levels for common off flavors.
  • A feedback section lets you bring your thoughts together and offer constructive feedback to entrants.

The American Homebrewers Association’s Governing Committee Competition Subcommittee’s purpose is to sets the rules for the National Homebrew Competition and evaluate how to improve the competition experience and operations.