AHA Club-Only Competition: English Brown Ales – Due 2/16

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AHA Club-Only Competitions (COC) offer AHA-registered homebrew clubs an opportunity to compete with other AHA-registered homebrew clubs in a one-style competition. Currently, there are over 800 AHA-registered clubs world-wide.

Each competition concentrates attention on a specific style of beer or mead, giving your club the opportunity to educate club members in these styles by focusing on them at club meetings or tasting events. AHA homebrew clubs also organize and judge the AHA COC. This gives your club a chance to learn more about homebrew competitions, beer evaluation, and judging procedures.

This month the Club-Only Competition is focused on English Brown Ales. The entry deadline is Tuesday, February 16, 2010. Judging will be held Saturday, February 20, 2010. The entry fee is $7.

Entry Shipping:
c/o Larry’s Brewing Supply
7405 South 212th Street
Suite #103
Kent, WA 98032

This competition is hosted by Tim Hayner and the Impaling Alers of Kent, WA and covers BJCP Category 11 styles. For more information, contact Tim Hayner at tim@bigalbrewing.com.