AHA Governing Committee Monthly Meeting Summary: April 2022

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Here is a summary of the April 2022 meeting of your American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee (GC):

  • Subcommittees:  We finalized our subcommittees.  They are currently set as:
    • Executive, chaired by Governing Committee Chair Jill Marilley
    • Club Support, chaired by Elmer “Goose” Steingass
    • Diversity, Equity, and inclusion (DEI), chaired by Roxanne Westendorf
    • Competition, co-chaired by Sandy Cockerham and Gail Milburn
    • Special Projects, co-chaired by Shawna Cormier and Amy Martin
  • The subcommittee chairs will organize the subcommittees, recruit subcommittee members, and set the mission goals for their respective subcommittees. AHA Executive Director Julia Herz will work to staff these subcommittees with AHA personnel.
  • The results of the 2022 Governing Committee election were announced and have been posted to the AHA website. The winners for the here open seats are Matt Bolling, Melissa McCann, and Doug Piper. There were in the neighborhood of 2000 votes cast by AHA membership in this election.
  • Big Brew is May 7.  Please register your club or yourself for this event.
  • Deadline for Homebrew Shop of the year nominations is May 22.
  • There are currently 3700 entries for the 2022 NHC, less than the planned goal of 4000.  These entries will be judged at Homebrew Con in Pittsburgh in June.
  • The schedule for Homebrew Con is now online.
  • There will be four meet-ups at Homebrew Con this year, two on Friday and two on Saturday.
    • New Kids on the Block” (Friday) for new homebrewers or first time HBC attendees.
    • “Mixed Fermentation” (Friday) discussing things like sour beers or other beers that are off the beaten path.
    • “Women in Brewing” (Saturday) discussing women involved in brewing and their sponsors/supporters as well as a coming together of under-represented folks.
    • “Everything But Beer” (Saturday) discussing other fermented beverages like mead, cider, kombucha, etc.
  • In lieu of the annual members meeting there will be a member’s gathering on Friday following the keynote speech.