AHA Governing Committee Monthly Meeting Summary: February 2022

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Here is a summary of the February 2022 meeting of your American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee (GC):

  • Governing Committee election run through March 31. There are 12 people running for three seats on the Governing Committee.
  • The deadline for signing up for Homebrew Club Insurance was March 1, 2022.
  • If any clubs, homebrew shops, retailers, or supply groups would like Executive Director Julia Herz to speak to them, please contact her (julia@brewersassociation.org).
  • Homebrew Con is June 23- June 25.  Please check the website for the latest information (homebrewcon.org).
  • In lieu of the annual members meeting at Homebrew Con there will be an AHA members gathering on Friday so that members can meet and chat with AHA Staff and Governing Committee Members.
  • The Governing Committee is continuing the review of its various subcommittees. Once this work is complete, the subcommittees will be listed on the AHA website’s Governing Committee page.