Homebrewing Bill Dies, but 2013 Looks Promising

House Bill 354, to legalize homebrewing in Alabama, died Wednesday, May 16, along with a number of other bills, when the 2012 legislative session ended before the bill was called for a vote before the Alabama Senate.

While this is not the outcome we were hoping for, this year’s homebrew bill passed the House and easily advanced through a Senate committee vote. The bill likely had the necessary ayes in the Senate if it had been brought to a vote. This is the furthest a homebrewing bill in Alabama has ever progressed. With the gains made this year, 2013 looks promising for legalizing homebrewing in Alabama.

The headway made with homebrew legislation this year is the direct result of all the calls and emails made to Alabama legislators by supporters like you. We will need that same level of commitment next year in order to get the homebrew bill passed into law. Look for alerts from us on how you can help as we near the start of the 2013 legislative session.