Legalize Homebrewing

Dear Alabama American Homebrewers Association, Brewers Association and Support Your Local Brewery Members:

Your help is needed now to legalize homebrewing in the state of Alabama!

The Alabama homebrew bill, HB9, was passed by the Alabama House on April 2 and reported favorably by the Senate Job Creation and Economic Development Committee by a narrow 3-2 margin on April 17. The next step is for the whole Senate to vote on it. If HB9 gets approved by the Senate, then it goes to the governor to sign into law.

Before that can happen, it must be chosen out of the large stack of available bills to be placed on the Senate’s agenda for a vote. The Senate Rules Committee defines each day’s agenda on what is called a Special Order Calendar. Between now and the end of the legislative session on May 20, there are only eight more legislative days on which HB9 could be placed on the Special Order Calendar.

How Can You Help?

Please contact the members of the Senate Rules Committee and politely ask them to place HB9 on the Special Order Calendar as soon as possible. Last year’s homebrew bill died because the Senate never brought it up for a vote. Without your action, that could happen again.

See contact information for the Rules Committee below. You will be communicating with a member of the Senator’s staff. Simply ask to “Please allow HB9, the Homebrew Bill, to get a chance for a vote by placing it on a Special Order Calendar.”

In addition, please contact the Senator for your district and ask that he/she support HB9.

Contacting these legislators will take very little time, but your calls and emails could make the difference in determining whether or not homebrewing is legalized this year.

Visit the website of Right to Brew, a grassroots homebrew legalization organization involved in the effort, for more information and to follow the progress of these bills.

Thank you for your support of homebrewing and homebrewers. Your action could make the difference in whether or not this legislation becomes law. Please forward this message to other Alabama residents/businesses that may be interested in supporting these bills.


Charlie Papazian
Brewers Association

Gary Glass
American Homebrewers Association

Senate Rules Committee Members

Senator Jabo Waggoner, Chair
(334) 242-7892

Senator Jimmy Holley, Vice Chair
(334) 242-7845

Senator Scott Beason
(334) 242-7794

Senator Roger Bedford
(334) 242-7862

Senator Gerald Dial
(334) 242-7874

Senator Priscilla Dunn
(334) 242-7793

Senator Vivian Figures
(334) 242-7871

Senator Rusty Glover
(334) 242-7886

Senator Tammy Irons
(334) 242-7888

Senator Arthur Orr
(334) 242-7891

Senator Trip Pittman
(334) 242-7897

Senator Paul Sanford
(334) 242-7867

Senator Clay Scofield
(334) 242-7876

Senator Paul Bussman
(334) 242-7855

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