Astronaut Scott Kelly Welcomed Home with Beer

Is it any surprise that Scott Kelly, a NASA astronaut who just returned to Earth after nearly a year in space, requested to have beer (and pie) at the ready to celebrate his triumphant return?

Kelly, who spent 340 days aboard the International Space Station, touched down in Kazakhstan and was flown back to America where he was welcomed by Second Lady Jill Biden, with beer and pie in hand.

Biden noted the beer was from the “President’s garden,” and while she did not explicitly reference the exact beer, we have a sneaking suspicion it is the legendary White House homebrew that made headlines in 2012.

The White House homebrew recipes, which included the Honey Ale and the Honey Porter made with honey from the White House garden, were released to the public after an online petition was submitted with nearly 12,000 beer lovers’ signatures.

Learn more about the White House homebrew recipes in our original article from 2012.

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