Beer and Togetherness: Supporting Breweries through COVID-19

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[Above: Members of the Weiz Guys homebrew club judge in the 2020 Sweethearts Revenge competition in February, hosted by Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Loveland, CO. Photo Cred: Weiz Guys]

By Mark Boelman, Left Hand Brewing Company & Weiz Guys Homebrew Club

Beer and togetherness go together like, well, beer and togetherness. All of our favorite places to enjoy social drinking are being affected by new, uncharted requirements to help protect our community and ourselves from illness. These measures, though good, place an enormous burden on our breweries, their people, and the places we like to gather to enjoy beer and socialize.

The Weiz Guys homebrew club‘s annual competition, Sweethearts Revenge, is our main fundraiser. Historically, we have used proceeds from the competition to fund our annual operating expenses and give back to our members. In years past, we’ve purchased club shirts or loaded ourselves onto party buses for brewery tours. This year, we decided it was essential to put our club’s mission into action by supporting the people who support us every month: our breweries.

The Weiz Guys are using proceeds from the 2020 Sweethearts Revenge competition to support local breweries in and around Loveland, Colo., by giving every dues-paid club member a $50 tab to spend at their choice of participating brewery in our community. This gives a quick bump of cash to the brewery when it’s most needed, offers club members a chance to say hello to their favorite bartenders and boost their tip income, and gives us all an opportunity to continue drinking the craft beer we love as we weather this storm.

Please remember during this time of crisis for everyone that now is the time to unite and work together. Cheers, and stay healthy, all!

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Mark Boelman is director of accounting & administration at Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colo., a regular volunteer at the Great American Beer Festival, and a member of the Weiz Guys homebrew club in Loveland, Colo.