Big Brew Event Planning Guide

Big Brew is an event unlike any other. First celebrated in 1998 as a way to commemorate National Homebrew Day, the AHA estimates that over 10,000 gallons of beer will be brewed at a Big Brew event in 2019. Each event is different, and we encourage you to use this event planning guide to make your Big Brew a success!

Plan your Big Brew celebration

  • Register your Big Brew event with the AHA.
  • Designate brew leaders and recruit fellow organizers to help you plan the event.
  • Identify a location with brewing stations for your brew day.
  • Connect with your local brewing community and invite them to be involved.
  • If your organization/business is willing, we encourage you to plan your Big Brew event with a charitable element. Partnering with a local food pantry or housing shelter to host a canned food, or coat drive is a great aspect to add to your brew day.


  • Order FREE copies of Go Brew Yourself, the AHA’s introduction to homebrewing pamphlet.
  • Set up a meeting with confirmed participants & fellow organizers. Determine who is responsible for outreach, promotion, ingredients, brewing, catering (if applicable), etc.
  • Download the Big Brew 2019 poster and fill out relevant information. Hang posters in beer-centric places around town (homebrew shops, brewpubs, breweries, restaurants, grocery stores, etc).
  • Post the event information on your organization/business website, and other community-focused websites in your area.

Early April

  • Send a save-the-date reminder to your email contacts and local homebrew clubs. Tell them to share the event with their friends!
  • Create a Facebook event for your Big Brew event and invite your contacts. The AHA provides downloadable Big Brew social media imagery (.zip) to use in your posts on all social platforms.
  • Register your event on well-known homebrewing or beer-focused websites, and on locally-focused beer blogs.
  • Promote the official 2019 Big Brew recipes so that your brewers can plan ahead.

Late April

  • Send a second message to your email contacts reminding them to participate
  • Highlight any updates or fun plans on social media to reinforce your email reminder.
  • Request a list of local media contacts from the AHA, and invite them to your event with this editable Big Brew press release.
  • Confirm that all brewing equipment and ingredients are ready to go.
  • Ensure the information on your website is up to date.

Week of Big Brew

  • Final event reminders on social media using #Big Brew
  • Follow up with local media via phone or email and invite their coverage of your event again.

After Big Brew

  • Thank everyone for attending and tell them to save the date for May 2, 2020
  • Send pictures of your event to the AHA. Your Big Brew event might make an appearance in Zymurgy!
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