COVID-19 Makes Supporting Homebrew Shops More Important Than Ever

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Homebrew shops are the cornerstone of the homebrewing community and they need our help.

As COVID-19 is forcing more and more people to remain home, many businesses—including our local supply shops—are facing the challenges that come with decreased foot traffic and the ability to carry on typical retail operations.

Luckily, there are still ways we homebrewers can support our local shops during this challenging time. We’ve compiled eight easy ways to show shops we are here for them despite the challenges they are facing.

Also check out our directory of homebrew supply shops offering alternative purchasing options.

1. Brew More

Going to be stuck at home awhile?  Plan to brew some beers! We have tutorials and recipes for you to browse through, including our Easy Guide to Making Beer video.

Once you pick a recipe, find your local homebrew shop!

2. If Safe/Legal, Visit Your Local Shop

If local regulations allow and you can maintain social distancing, go support your local shop to buy ingredients or that piece of equipment you’ve been eying.

Be sure you are up to date on local, state, and federal regulations and guidelines before heading out!

3. Place a Pickup Order

Like many restaurants and breweries, some homebrew shops are open for pickup orders. Check your local homebrew shop’s website and social media accounts, or give them a call, to see if this is being offered.

If your local shop is offering pickup orders, be sure to follow their guidelines to ensure a safe experience during the transaction.

4. Order Supplies & Ingredients Online

While social distancing measures and mandated closures are keeping many homebrew shops from opening their doors to customers, many still offer the ability to place an order online.

Whether you need ingredients or a piece of equipment, placing an online order with your favorite homebrew shop is a great way to support a business during a challenging time while being safe and responsible.

5. Join the AHA Through a Shop

On the AHA’s Supply Shop Directory, each homebrew shop has it’s own “Support this Shop” button. When you click this button and join.renew with the AHA, $5 of yourmembership dues will be sent to the shop.

6. Buy a Gift Card

If you’re not in a position to brew while social distancing, you can still support your local homebrew shop by purchasing a gift card for yourself or a friend. Many homebrew shops offer digital gift cards online!

7. Leave an Online Review

Maybe you’re not one to usually leave an online review, but there’s no better time than now to spend a few minutes telling the world why they should visit your favorite homebrew shops.

Google, Yelp, and Facebook are all easy platforms to leave reviews.

8. Interact with Shops Virtually

We live in an age where we can still be social while being isolated and social media is a great way to show the local homebrew shops you’re thinking of them.

Simply liking and sharing posts is a great start, or you can comment and post to show your support. Many shops are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.