First Round Judging Updates

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2022 National Homebrew Competition

First Round judging for National Homebrew Competition (NHC) takes place at various sites from March 23 – April 23 (dates vary by site, see specific judging dates by location), which means judging starts at some locations this weekend.

After that, we verify results as well as process and audit scoresheets. Please read the following information on what to expect next. We appreciate your patience!

Next Steps:

  • First Round Results: Results and scorecards for all entrants from all First Round sites will be emailed by May 3, 2023.
  • Winner List: First-round winners will be posted to the website by May 3 once results are verified by the AHA after judging is completed. To create unbiased final round judging for more rare styles, only the NHC award category will be posted in the lists, and the BJCP sub-style will be excluded until the award ceremony in June.
  • First Round Ribbons: With the return of First Round competition sites, entrants whose beers advance to the final round of the competition will receive an award ribbon in recognition of their advancement. While these ribbons are something to be proud of, they do not indicate you have placed or received a medal in the competition; rather that your beer has advanced out of the first round of a large national competition.
  • Final Round Feedback and Prizes: Any eligible final round entrants whose beers are judged at the final round will receive their final round scorecards emailed by July 22. Post-competition feedback will be emailed, and all prizes and medals will be mailed.

Attend the Awards Ceremony on June 24

  • Join us at Homebrew Con™ in San Diego, Calif. where the final round of judging and awards ceremony takes place. Register now and take advantage of Super Early Bird registration discounts through April 3.

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