Introducing the New & Improved “How to Brew” Section on

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American Homebrewers Association¬†(AHA) rolls out newly designed How to Brew section (formerly known as “Let’s Brew”) of

Whether you’re brand new to homebrewing or looking to advance your current skills, the American Homebrewers Association’s newly remodeled How to Brew section has just what you need!

Homebrewing Tutorials

From all-extract to all-grain, the How to Brew section has homebrew tutorials for every level of beer enthusiast. Follow along with our step-by-step guides or kick back with a brew and watch a video tutorial. Did we mention we have guides on making mead and cider at home, too?

Visit the Tutorials section of How To Brew

Homebrew Con Seminars

Browse hundreds of past Homebrew Con seminars using our new and improved search and filter functions. These 45-minute sessions cover an array of topics on all things beer, mead, and cider, for every level of homebrewer. Not an AHA member yet? Check out this free seminar to get a taste of the good life: Blurring the Style Guidelines: Brewing Great Mixed-Style Beers.

Visit the Seminars section of How To Brew

Mead & Cider

If you have the ability to make beer at home, than you can also make cider and mead (honey wine). In fact, making mead and cider is even simpler and faster than homebrewing beer. Get started with our mead and cider tutorials, where we walk you through the entire process to make these delicious fermented beverages.

Visit the Mead section and Cider section of How To Brew

Equipment & Ingredients

Get to know the ingredients that go into all your favorite ales and lagers, and the equipment needed to turn them into beer at home!

Visit the Equipment section and Ingredients section of How To Brew

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