Kettleheads Annual Homebrew Fest Planned For June 23

By Matt Bolling, AHA Events & Membership Coordinator

The Times Union recently highlighted the upcoming Kosciusko Kettleheads’ Homebrew Fest on June 23. The Kosciusko Kettleheads homebrew club is hosting the festival as a fundraiser for Combined Community Services, a non-profit organization dedicated to removing barriers for low-income or in-crisis residents of Kosciusko County, Indiana. From the article:

Much of the money CCS gets from the homebrew fundraiser is used to help clients with their utilities “when they have their utilities shut off, or families need their utilities turned back on or to get them through the winter or the bad summer months. So it’s really needed,” CCS Executive Director Steve Possell said.

The 2017 event raised about $7,400 for CCS, Rich estimated. Possell said it can vary how many families that much money can assist, depending on what kind of help they need, but he ballparked it at around 30 to 40 families.

Please visit the Times Union Online to read the entire article.

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