Meet Your 2022 Homebrew Con Headline Speakers

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We are thrilled to announce the 2022 Homebrew Con headline speakers! Learn about each day’s headline speaker below.

Join us in Pittsburgh June 23-25. The registration price increases after April 23.

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Dr. Keith Villa

Brewmaster and Co-Founder, Ceria Brewing Company

Go on a transformative journey with Dr. Villa, from his homebrewer beginnings, graduating to beer doctor, then professional brewer, and creator of a new kind of beverage.

Thursday, June 23

Dr. J Jackson-Beckham

Equity and Inclusion Partner, Brewers Association

Hear how homebrewing provided the raw materials and know-how for Dr. J to step up, step-out, and grab her best life by the mash paddle.

Friday, June 24

Bill Covaleski

Founder and Brew Master, Victory Brewing Company

Conversations over beers and homebrew lead to learnings about ourselves and each other.

Saturday, June 25