Obama Serves Homebrew at Super Bowl Party

It’s a great day to be a Packers fan!  There will be nothing but smiles on the streets of Green Bay, as the Super Bowl trophy will be heading back to Titletown today.

Homebrewers also have a little something to celebrate after the big game.  A homebrew, brewed by a White House chef was served at the President’s Super Bowl party!  White House Honey Ale, which was brewed with one pound of honey from the White House beehive, was served to guests along with foods representing both of the team’s home states.

The Obamas even bought the homebrewing equipment, according to a White House aide. Hopefully this means that homebrew at the White House will become standard for all events.

Learn more about the White House Honey Ale and the president’s festivities at Obama Foodorama, a blog devoted to reporting on White House food initiatives.

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