Ohio Updates and Clarifies its Homebrew Laws

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By Pete Johnson, Brewers Association

With the Governor’s signature, Senate Bill 102 has become law (effective March 23, 2022) and represents a significant win for Ohio homebrewers. 

Although the legislation addresses a variety of alcohol issues, those relevant to home brewing include the following:

  • Allows a homebrewer to brew or ferment homemade beer or wine without obtaining a liquor permit if specified conditions apply.
  • Allows a homebrewer to serve homemade beer or wine for personal consumption to the home brewer’s family, neighbors, co-workers, and friends on private property, and at certain events without a liquor permit.
  • Allows a person to conduct, sponsor, or host a homebrewing event if the person:
    • Is a homebrewer or fraternal organization that does not hold a valid liquor permit and hosts the event on private property or the premises of the fraternal organization; or
    • Is a small brewery, winery, microdistillery, club, or a restaurant associated with a winery, microdistillery, or small brewery and the person hosts the event on the permitted premises.
  • Prohibits a person who is hosting the event from taking certain actions, including selling any homemade beer or wine.
  • Exempts a liquor permit holder that hosts an event for home brewers from the restrictions on the interrelationship between alcoholic beverage manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.
  • Exempts a person with an opened container of homemade beer or wine that is served on private property or at a home brewing event from the Open Container Law.
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