Please Help Legalize Homebrewing In Alabama

Please help legalize homebrewing in Alabama!

The American Homebrewers Association is working with a group of homebrewers in Alabama to legalize homebrewing in the state.

House Bill 354 was reported favorably by the House Economic Development and Tourism Committee last week, and is now awaiting a vote before the full House.

How Can You Help?
The next step for supporters like you is to email each member of the House Representatives, requesting them to vote yes on HB354. Yes, we need you to contact ALL of the Representatives within the next week!

To make this task easier, the Alabama homebrewers leading the legalization effort have created a web page where you can copy and paste all of the Representatives’ email addresses into one email message, or to click two links to automatically populate the bcc field of an email message.

Representative Mac McCutcheon, sponsor of HB 354, would like to show the rest of the Representatives that there are a lot of homebrewers in the state who are normal, decent people who simply want the right to enjoy a hobby that is legal in 48 states.

Thank you for your support of homebrewers. Your action could make the difference in whether or not this legislation becomes law. Please forward this message on to any other Alabama residents/businesses that you feel would be interested in supporting this bill.