Please Urge Nebraska Legislature to Support LB254

The American Homebrewers Association is supporting an effort to pass legislation on behalf of Nebraska’s homebrewers.

Action from Nebraskans is needed now to ensure passage of LB254, sponsored by Senator Sue Crawford.

On January 11, LB254 was introduced to the Nebraska Legislature, and has since been referred to the General Affairs Committee. The legislation would permit the transfer and serving of homebrew at events, homebrew shops, and club meetings. The bills text as introduced to the committee can be found on the Nebraska Legislature website.

How Can You Help?

LB254 is scheduled for a hearing before the General Affairs Committee on February 13. We ask that you please call or email (calling is more effective) a letter of support to the following members of the committee asking them to support passage of this bill:

Talking points:

  • This is about promoting the hobby of homebrewing, the art and science of fermentation at home. The American Homebrewers Association estimates there are more than 1.2 million Americans that make beer and wine at home, with more than 11,500 in the state of Nebraska. LB 254 will allow serving of homebrew for an exhibition, festival or tasting or competition including those that are for nonprofit organizations as fundraising events.
  • LB 254 does not allow for the sale or offering for sale of homebrewed beverages
  • Homebrewers support small businesses. Not only do homebrewers support the businesses that supply the ingredients and equipment to homebrewers, but they are the most ardent supporters of their local craft breweries. Nebraska is home to 41 breweries, with at least another 18 breweries that are actively planning to open. The American Homebrewers Association estimates that at least 90% of professional brewers in the United States got their start as homebrewers.
  • Homebrewers are a social group, with a passion for crafting quality beer and love to share their beer and knowledge with fellow homebrewers and friends. Homebrew clubs and competitions serve as a focal point for local beer communities, as homebrewers are the most knowledgeable of beer consumers. Of more than 1,500 homebrew clubs registered in the United States, 25 are in Nebraska. Many of the homebrew clubs across the country support their local communities through philanthropy.

It is important to be polite and respectful in your message. Please remember that anything that you send is a reflection on all Nebraska homebrewers and our wonderful hobby.Thank you for your support of homebrewers.

Your action could make the difference in whether or not this legislation becomes law. Please forward this message to other Nebraska residents and businesses that may be interested in supporting this bill.


  • Gary Glass
  • Director, American Homebrewers Association
  • Steve Parr
  • Assistant Director, American Homebrewers Association
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