Please Urge Your California State Senator to Support AB 2172

Legislation Would Permit Homebrew Clubs to Meet, Hold Competitions and Share Their Beer Amongst Themselves at Licensed Establishments.

The American Homebrewers Association is supporting an effort led by the California Homebrewers Association to pass legislation on behalf of California’s homebrewers.

Your action is needed now to ensure passage of AB 2172, sponsored by Assemblyman Brian Jones of Santee, which will permit homebrew clubs to meet, hold competitions and share their beer amongst themselves at licensed establishments such as brewpubs, tasting rooms and restaurants.

On April 28, AB 2172 was passed by the Assembly, sending it to the Senate.

How Can You Help?

AB 2172 is scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Governmental Organization Committee on June 28.

Your zip code came up as potentially being in one of the Governmental Organization (GO) committee members’ districts. We ask that if you are in one of the GO committee members’ districts, please mail or email (mail is more effective) a letter of support to your state Senator using the letter template provided in the link below.

If you are unsure whether or not the Senator for your district is on the GO committee, visit the websites below to see the current list of committee members and to determine what district you are in:

You may use this sample letter from the California Homebrewers Association to customize your own letter of support. It is important to be polite and respectful in your message. Please remember that this is a bipartisan issue and anything that we send is a reflection on all California homebrewers and our wonderful hobby.

Thank you for your support of homebrewers. Your action could make the difference in whether or not this legislation becomes law. Please forward this message to other California residents and businesses within your zip code that may be interested in supporting this bill.


  • Gary Glass
  • Director
  • American Homebrewers Association