SF2336 Signed into Law

Attention Minnesota Homebrewers!

A new law regarding homebrewing in Minnesota is now in effect. On May 13, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed SF2336, which covered a wide range of gambling and alcohol beverage law, including favorable amendments to the homebrew law. The new law went into effect the following day.

The previous Minnesota law did not explicitly allow for homebrew to be served for anything other than “family use.” The new law expands usage to “organized affairs, exhibitions, or competitions, including, but not limited to, homemaker’s contests, tastings, or judging.” The new law explicitly allows for “tastings” at public events and spells out specific requirements for how homebrew may be served at such events.

The Boreal Brewers homebrew club of Grand Rapids, Minn. worked with Minnesota state Representative Tom Anzelc and state Senator Tom Saxhaug to get this legislation passed.

Thanks to everyone involved in helping with the passage of this homebrew bill.

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