Siebel Offering Start Your Own Brewery” Course”

Many homebrewers dream of one day opening a commercial brewery or pub where all of their most delicious creations are on tap or packaged for the world to experience. Those who take the next step in bringing their visions to fruition quickly realize the process is anything but a walk in the park. The Siebel Institute of Technology and World Brewing Academy has designed a course that will help guide aspiring commercial brewers towards the most efficient way to open, operate and maintain a successful brewery.

Start Your Own Brewery

Siebel is offering a three-day course, called “Start Your Own Brewery” at their Chicago campus location from June 10-12. Ray Daniels, Cicerone Certification Program founder and Siebel Institute faculty member, along with the Siebel brewing faculty developed this course to cover designing, building and operating a brewery in detail.

Small commercial breweries are the focus for this course, covering everything from planning and real estate to public relations and distribution. Additional emphasis on brewpub operations is covered, with topics including site selection and restaurant management. At the conclusion of each session, a successful brewery entrepreneur will share their story and answer questions, bringing some of the beer industry’s most successful businesspeople to the classroom.

A detailed description, the syllabus and applications can be found at

About Siebel

Siebel Institute was formed in the late 1800s as a research station and school for brewing sciences. It has since evolved into a full-fledge brewing academy with a wide array of courses catering to people who desire to be in the commercial brewing industry. For more information on the Seibel Institute of Technology and the courses and programs offered, visit

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