Changes to Zymurgy Online

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American Homebrewers Association (AHA) members not only get new issues of Zymurgy magazine, but they also enjoy digital access to all past issues dating to 2000 with Zymurgy Online.

Starting December 1, 2020, all access to Zymurgy Online will be hosted through the Walsworth e-reader. The Zymurgy mobile app for iOS and Android will no longer be available or supported.

But don’t worry! You still have access to all digital issues back to 2000 in a mobile-friendly reader, now with additional features like the plain-text reader and PDF downloads for offline access. No app downloading necessary! If you’re new to the platform, follow the prompted tutorial and head to the Help section for tips and tricks.

Start browsing the Zymurgy Online digital archive today! Not a member? Get access to Zymurgy Online starting at just $4.99/month!