Watch the Homebrew Con 2021 Seminar Recordings

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Homebrew Con

Access 30+ videos on all things homebrewing! These seminars were recorded live during Homebrew Con 2021, and you can now go back and watch them all.

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2021 Seminars List

  • A Pyrograiniac’s Guide to Smoked Beer
  • Advanced Automation for the Home Brewer
  • Against the (traditional) grain: Gluten-Free Homebrewing
  • All About Oats! | Presented by Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
  • All About Sulfites (and Sorbate, too)
  • Beyond the Fundamentals of Fermentation
  • Biotransformation, a Case Study: Single Hop and Multiple Strains Interaction
  • Brewing on a HERMS setup featuring the Brautag Brewing System | Presented by Homebrew Happy Hour
  • Brewing the Silk Road: Experimental Fermentations in Ancient Chinese Koji Beer and Mongolian Fermented Milk
  • Connected Fermentation | Presented by The Grainfather
  • Control the Yeast Beast! How Fermentation Temperature, Pitching Rate, and Wort Gravity Influence Fermentation and Flavor Expression Differently in Each Yeast Strain
  • Exploring the Diversity of Yeast Strains for Different Cider Styles | Presented by Fermentis
  • Garage Talk with Ken Grossman | Presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  • Göbekli Tepe and the Origins of Beer: An Examination of Anatolia and the Levant
  • Hard Seltzer, Easy Seltzer – Making high-quality hard seltzer at home!
  • Healthy Hacks for Homebrewers
  • Italian pilsners: Salute birra!
  • It’s a Small World Afterall: The Global Opportunities and Challenges of the Homebrew Market
  • Lab On Tap: The Homebrewers Guide to Starting Lab Work | Presented by Imperial Organic Yeast
  • Oxidation: There’s More Than Meets the Eye
  • Planning For Profit in the Brewing Industry
  • Raw Ale: Spicing Up Your Beer By Not Boiling
  • Running a Club in the New World: Ideas to Keep Your Members Engaged
  • Saison – the Myth, the Legend and What to Do About It.
  • Sensory Detectives
  • Soluble Hop Compounds Tech Talk | Presented by Yakima Chief Hops & Brewers Best
  • White Koji: A unique ingredient for quick sour beers
  • You are NEVER Too Old to Start Your First Brewery (or all the things I learned 20 years after I thought I would never do this)
  • The IBU lie and striving for more accurate predictions
  • The Ins and Outs of All-In-Ones | Presented by Blichmann Engineering
  • Farm to Kettle Lessons from Generations of Malting Quality: How a Malt of Reputation Will Take Your Homebrew From “Good” to Great” | Presented by BSG Handcraft

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