Women Homebrewers on the Rise in Baltimore

“We usually have women who join the club and come for a few brew sessions, which is a few months, and then start coming less and less because they brew on their own, which is really the goal.”

Homebrewing has the stigma of being a boys club, but groups of women brewers across the country and around the world are proving this to not be the case.

CityPaper.com covers the story of the homebrew and beer club, Lady Brew Baltimore, which has taken on the mission of introducing more women to making beer at home and empowering them with skills to continue pursuing the age-old art of fermentation within their own personal networks.

Read the full story “Going Against the Grain: Women homebrewers are on the rise in Baltimore” on CityPaper.com.

Photo Credit: Lady Brew Baltimore via CityPaper.com

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