Zymurgy: An Introduction To Homebrewing

With the AHA’s annual Teach A Friend To Homebrew Day (shortened to Learn to Homebrew Day for 2010) just behind us, I am reminded of how important it is for us homebrewers to encourage others to join our ranks as amateur craft brewers. When we recruit new members into our hobby, we help ensure that the homebrewing community will remain vibrant well into the future. 

Every new homebrewer is a new customer at the local homebrew supply shop, which helps keep that shop in business.  That new homebrewer is a new potential member for the local homebrew club.  As new homebrewers enter the hobby, they bring with them their own ideas and expertise, which leads to the creation of new beer styles and innovations in homebrew equipment.

Homebrewing also serves as the training ground for tomorrow’s professional craft brewers and brewery owners.  I’d estimate that at least 90% of the professional brewers in the U.S. got their start as homebrewers.  It’s that homebrewer background that has led to the explosion of beer styles now available from U.S breweries.

Well, there is an easy way to help push your friends, colleagues, and relatives to make that first step towards becoming a homebrewer that I bet most homebrewers don’t know about.  The AHA has a free guide for beginning homebrewers called Zymurgy: An Introduction to Homebrewing, that’s based on the look and feel of the Zymurgy magazine that comes with AHA membership. The magazine, which is available as a downloadable PDF, covers everything a beginner needs to know to get through her/his first few batches of homebrew. 

Send the prospective homebrewers in your life a link to to Zymurgy: an Introduction to Homebrewing and start them down the same path that has brought you such joy.

Gary Glass
American Homebrewers Association Director

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