Brew Stand 3.0

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Doug Ames features his work this week, with a basic brew stand welded by the local welder. Check it out and feel free to leave a comment for Doug!


This is Brew Stand 3.0.  I don’t weld and I shy away from gas plumbing.  The beauty of these shortcomings is that this took the local professional welder five days of working on it in between projects to get it done.  Dropped off the plans last Friday, approved the estimate on Monday, stopped by for as many add-ons and “oh, can you do this, too” items as I could think of, and had the stand back at 12:30 p.m. yesterday.  Dropped it by a good plumber on my way back to the office, and had it back with gas lines in an hour.  Nearly killed myself getting it out of the truck without assistance (it weighs about 200+ lbs), but it’s safe and sound in its new home in the garage.  It still needs paint, which may happen tomorrow.  After that, I’ll bolt up the casters, pump, CFC, and get some plumbing fittings on order.

Got it painted today, but I may add another layer of the glossier satin stove paint since on my other stand, the flat stuff rubbed off really easily.  Got the plumbing ordered, pumps and CFC mounted, casters on, etc.  Will test fire later this week and plan to brew next weekend.

Cheers Doug!