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If you are looking for your next homebrew DIY project to help improve the process of making beer at home, then browse through the top 5 homebrew projects of 2015!

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5) Stir Plate for Yeast Starters

You can’t make great beer without happy yeast, and one of the best ways to ensure yeast are up for the task of fermentation is to create a yeast starter. A vital aspect of making a yeast starter (read: How to Make A Yeast Starter) is providing oxygen that the yeast cells consume to grow and multiply. The most effective means of providing steady levels is with a stir plate.

Instructions: How to build a stir plate

4) Keg & Carboy Washer

The routine of a homebrewer is typically dominated by lots of cleaning and sanitizing. Whenever there is a technique or tool that can be used to reduce the amount of time manually cleaning, it’s never a bad idea to give it a shot. Matt’s Keg and Carboy washer design is a simple to build project that takes all the work out of making your fermenters and kegs like new.

Instructions: How to build a keg and carboy washer

3) Homemade Hopback

Looking for a way to cram even more hoppy-goodness into your homebrewed beers? As beer is transferred from the boil kettle to the fermenter, it goes through the hopback, which is packed full of our favorite bitter green cones to infuse even more hop flavor. This specific hopback build can also function nicely as an inline filter!

Instructions: How to build a hopback

Build your own 'Cheap and Easy' mash tun

Build your own ‘Cheap and Easy’ mash tun

2) Cheap and Easy Mash Tun

The cheap and easy mash tun design was popularized by homebrew legend Denny Conn, and can be found in many backyards and garages of homebrewers around the world. Using a 12-gallon picnic cooler that you might already have on hand, this DIY mash tun build can make the leap to all-grain a bit easier on the wallet.

Instructions & Video: How to build a mash tun

1) Dual-stage Temperature Controller

Having precise control over fermentation temperatures can be the difference between good beer and outstanding beer. Incorrect temperatures and/or drastic fluctuations can wreak havoc on yeast and turn out less than good beer. Simply pairing a temperature controller with a fermentation chamber is a solution that will send you down the road of high quality homebrew. This specific build allows for both a cooling and heating system to be hooked up simultaneously.

Instructions: How to build a temperature controller